Common ADHD Symptoms



Perhaps you are one of the parents who have this fear that their child has ADHD. If your child is inattentive and hyperactive, don't jump into conclusions right away. You have to be familiar with ADHD symptoms first and most of all it is important to get a diagnosis from a behavioral pediatrician. According to literature, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has three major symptoms: being distracted, irresponsibility, and hyperactivity. 



Hyperactivity is one of the obvious symptoms of ADHD. This can be observed when a child can't sit for a long time, has difficulty controlling one's actions, and becoming easily distracted. It is also difficult for the child to complete a task since a child finds it hard to sit down and finish it.



Children who have ADHD are often irresponsible. They tend to do things on impulse. They say and do things without thinking about them and their possible consequences. They also find it hard to wait for the perfect time to say or do a thing.



Distraction is also another symptom. It's hard for an ADHD child to pay attention. They find it hard to concentrate and most of the time they fantasize about situations and conditions that may not happen at all. 



ADHD kids are also often squirming, talking, or fidgeting. It's because they always have to be moving whether with their bodies or their mouths. They are also disorganized which means that their desks in school and their rooms at home are not in order. It may also be difficult for them to complete a piece of work before they proceed to the other. ADHD children are also impatient. They constantly act out and they are fond of interrupting conversations. It is difficult for them to wait for their turn or simply to sit down and stay quiet. They also tend to be forgetful. This means that they tend to forget habits like to shut the door when they leave or bringing home their homework.  Learn more about add symptoms,  go here. 



There are several things you can do to intervene. A couple of nutritional and lifestyle changes are recommended to address ADHD symptoms. One thing is to make sure that the child does not become hungry. The brain makes use of 20 percent of energy. This means that it demands a regular supply of energy from food. Find out for further details on adult add symptoms  right here. 



You have to increase dopamine release which functions as a neurotransmitter which is related to feelings of satisfaction, pleasure, and reward. Take a look at this link  for more information.